Set up MX records

How to change the MX records

Follow these steps to change your domain’s MX Records. The terminology used here is generalized and may vary according to your provider.

  1. Log into your domain registrar’s web portal.
  2. Launch the DNS Manager/ Domain Management Page/ DNS Control Panel for your account, which lists all the domains you have registered.
  3. Locate the MX Records/ Email Servers/ Email Settings option (For help, consult the help pages of your provider or get support from the registrar).
  4. Remove any existing entries that you might have.
  5. Select the Add Record option.
  6. Specify the value in Name/ Host field as either @ or leave it Blank.
  7. Specify the first record’s value as
  8. Set the priority to 10 or lower as supported by your registrar.
  9. Follow the same steps to add another MX record for your domain.
  10. To ensure correct email delivery to your domain, only the MX Records provided below should be listed.

    Host/ Domain

    MX Entries


    @/ Blank/ Domain name


    @/ Blank/ Domain name



    The period (.) at the end of the MX record is situational depending on your DNS Provider. Some DNS providers expect the records to end with a period, while others do not accept it. We highly recommend that you go through your DNS providers support documentation for the exact process on adding the MX entries

  11. If the TTL is editable, provide the lowest possible value for the changes to take effect as soon as possible.
  12. Select Save Zone FileSaveAdd Records to save your changes.


Once you have added the MX records, you can verify the MX records using the third party tool You can try sending a test email from your external accounts to see if you are able to receive emails and to check if the MX records are properly added.